Magnetic Knife Block


  • YOUSUNLONG’s Knife Blocks Magnetic Holder can hold up 3~10 inch kitchen knives, which can perfectly solve the trouble of your kitchen knives storage.(Note: for steel iron blade only, NOT for ceramic knives.) The simple and natural design with unique Acacia Wood, adds a natural touch to your kitchen. YOUSUNLONG always wants to give you the best experience.
  • Built-in 20 super strong magnets, suitable for common household kitchen Knives. With super strength hidden magnets, it could hold a variety of kitchen knives securely. You can reach the knives easier, quicker, safer.
  • Double-sided magnetic design of the holder, the holder is 32cm width which can hold up more knives without issue, free up your kitchen counter space.(Note: for steel iron blade only, NOT for ceramic knives.) Flat surface for easy cleaning.
  • Four anti-slip rubber solet at the bottom makes the magnetic knife block much safer and sanitary. When you do not need the holder, you can disassemble them freely, easy for you to carry out, assembly of them is also a very easy thing. (Installation instructions in the package.)
  • YOUSUNLONG’s Magnetic Knives Block Holder is packaging with a beautiful gift box, Simple and elegant. It is an excellent gift for your loved ones or parents. Notice: The knives need to be placed vertically and not tilted. Since the Magnets are strong, the safest way is holding the block steady with your other hand while removing a knife.


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The YOUSUNLONG double-sided magnetic knife holder is an ideal kitchen knife holder. Various types of knives and kitchen tools can be fixed on the knife holder, and can hold knives up to 10 inches long.

Even if you shake it vigorously, all knives and even scissors will stick firmly to the board.

We have been using 100% natural wood, which is pollution-free and odor-free. The wood maintains its natural and beautiful appearance. A high-quality wooden knife holder that is harmless to health can be used forever. 

Built-in invisible super magnet

  • Double-sided magnets increase the storage space in the kitchen.
  • Knife sharpeners, scissors, and other tools with stainless steel in the kitchen can be sucked onto the wooden block.

Securely fix the knives

  • The blade and the wooden block are seamlessly attached.
  • The wooden knife holder has a smooth surface and can be adapted to various knife types.
  • Effectively protects the blade from being worn.

Thickened 2.5cm

  • The thickened design of each board has a thickness of 2.5 cm, making it stronger than ordinary wooden knife holders.
  • There are grooves at the bottom, so that two boards put together will be more solid and will not shake.




Double-sided strong magnetic strip

Three high-strength magnet strips are embedded in the acacia wood, and the double-sided can firmly fix the blade on the knife holder.





Anti-slip bottom design

It has non-slip felt pads on the bottom, and the knife holder is safer to use on smooth tabletops than normal knife holders without wobbling.




Portable packaging, first choice for gifts

When you receive the goods, the portable packaging reduces your burden. It as a birthday gift, parent’s day gift, wedding gift, etc. It is the best choice.

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Weight2180 g
Dimensions32 × 15.5 × 29 cm


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