Chef’s Knife 8 Inch


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  • This knife has a unique & beautiful Tsuchime textured Damascus blade. They feature a hand sharpened and hand honed Damascus stainless steel blade core that is clad on both sides by a 33-layer Damascus stainless steel (50/50 symmetrically ground double beveled edge).
  • The length of blade is 10 inch,the thickness is about 2.5mm. The use of Japan 67 layer HIGH CARBON CONTENT steel core Damascus steel made of high quality Chef’s special cutting knife, HRC (hardness) 60±,Razor Sharp Cutting Edge. Great for Smaller Cuts of Meat Breaking knives are excellent for smaller carcasses like lamb, chicken, and large fish.
  • The cylindrical handle is integrally die-cast, and the outer layer is covered with environmentally friendly olive wood. The handle is comfortable, durable and hard to reduce operator fatigue.
  • Knife surface convex hull with anti-stick effect,The professional Breaking Knives has a sharp blade and a 15° blade. It has high hardness and wear resistance.Is great for pulling the knife towards yourself in a natural movement, which finishes by pulling away from the meat. At 10”, there is still a lot of sharp edge to easily slice through roasts, turkeys, and more.
  • Damascus machete is not only sharp, but the decoration is also world class,This is a great gift for your loved ones or parents who are interested  in cooking and enjoying delicious food. This is an exquisitely wrapped gift box for all occasions. (such as weddings, birthdays, parental festivals, etc.)


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Professional manufacturer of kitchen knives

YOUSUNLONG has been a OEM manufacturer of kitchen knives to Deutsche and United States for more than 15 years.Since YOUSUNLONG registered brand “順”,We are committed to providing users kitchen knives with elaborate craftsmanship and continuous pursuit of innovation in order to break the design and process constraints.

If you use our Kitchen knives you will like cooking and are willing to make delicious food to share with family and friends, our knives have become the choice of professional chef’s and home chef’s.

In professional kitchens, the chef’s knife is indispensable and probably one of the most commonly used knives

A chef’s knife is an all-purpose, typical kitchen knife. Used by professional chefs and many home cooks alike, it’s one of the essential knives for kitchen work and may be one of the better investments you can make when preparing your kitchen.

High-quality blade as sharp as a razor

  • The knife has a fulcrum that allows your hand to center on it, rocking back and forth for quick continuous dicing motions.
  • The tip of a chef’s knife is called the edge, and it’s probably the most commonly used tip for cutting and preparing a variety of foods. The tip of the knife can be used to cut small soft foods such as mushrooms or green onions.

High hardness and good wear resistance

  • The ultra-sharp AUS8 Japanese super steel cutting core has a hardness of 58 and has excellent performance and high sharpness.
  • Professional chef knife blade with Double-sided concave and convex forging hammer pattern with anti-stick effect and 15° sharp blade.


Natural wood handle

  • The unique cylindrical handle design maintains a good grip, allowing you to work effortlessly.
  • We use natural wood to make high quality handles, which not only bring high quality to life, but also long life.


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Weight500 g
Dimensions34 × 4.3 × 3 cm

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  1. William

    Chic knife! Very sharp, made qualitatively.

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