Bone Chopper 7 Inch


  • 【IDEAL BLADE】Heavy-duty bone cutters are perfect for breaking down tough meats and large bones. The unique axe-shaped design allows you to break bones with ease, and the heavy duty bone cutter is thicker and heavier than Chinese vegetable slicers. The added weight helps move through the bone and meat, and a thicker spine and added weight is ideal for softening the meat.
  • 【HIGH QUALITY】High-quality chef’s special bone cutter using Japanese 67-layer hammer Damascus steel core. HRC (Hardness) 58±. The length of the blade is 7 inches and the thickness is about 5mm. It features a hand-forged hammer pattern, Damascus stainless steel blade core covered on both sides with 33 layers of Damascus stainless steel.
  • 【COMFORTABLE AND DURABLE】The convex surface of the blade has anti-stick effect, professional bone crusher sharp blade, 18°V-shaped blade, high hardness and wear resistance. Ingredients with bones can be easily chopped during use, allowing you to effortlessly separate the bones.
  • 【PERFECT BALANCE】The shape of the handle is well designed and very comfortable to hold small to large hand sizes, you can easily feel its balance. The outer layer of the handle is covered with ergonomic natural walnut wood, which prevents slipping, is comfortable, durable, rigid, and does not feel fatigued in operation.
  • 【SPECOAL GIFT】We sincerely hope that you will join YOUSUNLONG culinary journey and let you enjoy cooking.Not only are Damascus knives sharp, they are also world-class in decoration. This is a great gift for your loved one or parents cooking fun dishes and enjoying the food.


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Professional manufacturer of kitchen knives

YOUSUNLONG has been a OEM manufacturer of kitchen knives to Deutsche and United States for more than 15 years.Since YOUSUNLONG registered brand “順”,We are committed to providing users kitchen knives with elaborate craftsmanship and continuous pursuit of innovation in order to break the design and process constraints.

If you use our Kitchen knives you will like cooking and are willing to make delicious food to share with family and friends,our knives have become the choice of professional chef’s and home chef’s.

Sharp edge with amazing precision

  • The blade of Damascus steel has added anti-rust and anti-corrosion elements such as chromium, molybdenum vanadium, etc., so the appearance is cleaner, more beautiful, not easy to rust, easy to care for, and the sharpness of high-hardness steel.
  • Tapered blade for added drape,18° angle on each side of the blade.

    A thick blade cuts through bone effortlessly

    • The thicker blade has a feel heavier and stronger, making it easier and more labor-saving when chopping.
    • It is not only sharp but also thickened by 5mm, because it is used to cut bones, etc., so the weight is heavier than ordinary knives.

Bold handle for a firm and non-slip grip

  • The handle is made of ergonomic natural olive wood, combined with the classic triple rivet fixation, which is more secure and comfortable to use.
  • The anti-counterfeiting brand “顺” is engraved on the end of the handle.

Additional information

Weight730 g
Dimensions31 × 9 × 3.5 cm


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