Cutting Board 24 x 18 x 1.5 Inch


  • 【100% Sustainable Acacia Wood】Acacia is a very durable wood with a detailed structure, high density, elegant color, good weather resistance, and hard texture that is not easily deformed, making it an ideal material for cutting boards. It is durable and sturdy also no smell, can be used with confidence and simple cleaning.
  • 【Extra Countertop Space】 Cutting boards are available in two separate sizes to meet your daily needs: 20×16 inch and 24×18 inch. It fits perfectly on electric cooktops, gas ranges and sinks, making it a versatile and satisfying stovetop cutting board.Use it to cut large pieces of roast meat or brisket, and also to knead dough on the cutting board.
  • 【Convenient for your work】When you’re working with meat, vegetables or fruit, the cutting board comes with a deep juice groove to catch excess liquid, keeping the kitchen clean, and the grooves have built-in handles for easy take and move when in use.
  • 【Long-lasting And Durable】This cutting board is amazingly thick at 1.5 inches (38mm) and is very sturdy for cutting any oversized food. It is reversible on both sides for use and it is large enough to be used as a cheese board or deli tray to enjoy a gourmet time with family or friends.
  • 【Great Cooking Gifts】This would be an irresistible and great gift when preparing a Christmas meal.The luxurious gift box packaging is suitable for giving to any occasion, such as wedding, housewarming, parents’ or loved ones’ birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas.


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Whether you are chopping vegetables or using it as a tray, a thick cutting board will make your kitchen wonderful.

  • Prepare a variety of rich ingredients, built-in handles on both sides, you can easily carry it to the table or the garden to enjoy a meal.
  • It is large enough to serve as a cheese tray or deli tray to put down more of its food.
  • When making bread or snacks, you can knead the dough on the oversized cutting board and keep the ingredients clean and hygienic.

An extra countertop

  • This is a 24×18 inch cutting board that gives you extra working space and you can place it perfectly on an electric cooktop or gas stove and sink, making it a versatile and satisfying stove top cutting board.
  • It’s big enough that you can put an oversized steak, brisket or roast chicken on the cutting board at will, and it comes with juice grooves so you don’t have to worry about juice running down the table.

A Deep Juice Groove

A cutting board with a juice groove is a very friendly “partner” to ensure a clean kitchen. Whether cutting fruits and vegetables, or grilled meat and various meat ingredients, the liquid from the food will concentrate in the grooves.

Handle At The Groove

It can be lifted or moved at will. The handle at the recess is really a great design, which provides convenience without affecting the aesthetics. Feel free to put it on the stove top to handle ingredients, or make it into a deli platter to take to the garden to enjoy.


100% Sustainable Natural Acacia Wood

Acacia wood has a detailed structure, high density, elegant color, good weather resistance, and shows a longitudinal flame pattern. It has good strength and impact toughness, and is highly resistant to decay.


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Weight6100 g
Dimensions61 × 46 × 4 cm


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