Cutting Board 20 x 16 x 2 Inch


  • 【100% Sustainable End Grain Walnut Wood】 Walnut color is more elegant, is a better-quality wood, its moisture content is very low, with walnut made out of cutting boards are not easy to produce cracking, deformation and other situations, durability is also very strong can be used for a long time.
  • 【Extra Countertop Space】 Cutting boards are available in two separate sizes to meet your daily needs: 20×16 inch and 24×18 inch. It fits perfectly on electric cooktops, gas ranges and sinks, making it a versatile and satisfying stovetop cutting board. Use it to cut large pieces of roast meat or brisket, and also to knead dough on the cutting board.
  • 【Convenient for Your Work】 When you’re working with meat, vegetables or fruit, the cutting board has a deep juice chute to collect excess liquid and keep your kitchen clean. The built-in finger handles make it easy to lift, flip or transfer from the kitchen to the table, and also provide convenience when cleaning the cutting board.
  • 【Long-lasting And Durable】 At an amazing 2″ (50mm) thick, this cutting board is safer and stronger when cutting or shredding large pieces of meat and bones. Due to the increased thickness, it is more stable in bearing the weight of ingredients and less likely to deform or crack. It is reversible for use on both sides, and it is large enough to be used as a cheese board or deli tray.
  • 【Great Cooking Gifts】 This would be an irresistible and great gift when preparing a Christmas meal. The luxurious gift box packaging is suitable for giving to any occasion, such as wedding, housewarming, parents’ or loved ones’ birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas.


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Whether you are chopping vegetables or using it as a tray, a thick cutting board will make your kitchen wonderful.

  • Prepare a variety of rich ingredients, built-in handles on both sides, you can easily carry it to the table or the garden to enjoy a meal.
  • It is large enough to serve as a cheese tray or deli tray to put down more of its food.
  • When making bread or snacks, you can knead the dough on the oversized cutting board and keep the ingredients clean and hygienic.

Suitable for cutting any food

Thickness of 2 inches, thicker cutting boards are more stable than traditional cutting boards when dicing or slicing.

Flexibility to move it at any time

Easy to carry and move, Built-in finger handle make it easy to lift, flip or transfer from the kitchen to the dining table.

Deep juice sink to absorb excess liquid

Keeps the kitchen clean, no more messing up the table with any juice runoff during use.

What are the advantages of End-grain walnut cutting boards?

  • The cutting board is made natural walnut, which has a very low moisture content and is not prone to cracking, deformation and other conditions
  • Black walnut is light black-brown with purple tinges and has a beautiful large parabolic pattern on the string side
  • End grain vertical grain splicing design, not only retains the knife feel good, do not hurt the knife, and the gap between the wood block and the wood block can play a shock-absorbing cushioning effect, but also effectively prevent the middle dent

How to choose a 20-inch and 24-inch cutting board?

  • The 20×16-inch cutting board gives plenty of work space in the kitchen, and it’s perfect for everyday cutting and slicing and chopping. It can also be used as a cheese board or deli tray at a barbecue or at a party.
  • This 24×18 inch cutting board is large enough that you can place it perfectly over an electric or gas stove and sink to add extra work space. It’s perfect for handling larger roasts, large briskets or roast turkeys, plus you can knead dough and make bread on a large cutting board.

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