5-Piece Kitchen Knife Set with Holder


YOUSUNLONG Knife Set Block – 5pcs Kitchen Knives Set with Natural Acacia wood Holder – Japanese Damascus Steel Blade – Natural Ebony Handle with Gift Box


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YOUSUNLONG Knife Set Block

5pcs Kitchen Knives Set with Natural Acacia wood Holder

  • Chef knife *1/Carving knife *1/Bread knife *1/Utility knife *1/Paring knife *1
  • Double Sided Magnetic Acacia Wood Holder

Double-sided Built-in invisible super magnet

  • Three high-strength magnet strips are embedded in the acacia wood, and the double-sided can firmly fix the blade on the knife holder.
  • Knife sharpeners, scissors, and other tools with stainless steel in the kitchen can be sucked onto the wooden block.

Thickened 2.5cm

  • The thickened design of each board has a thickness of 2.5 cm, making it stronger than ordinary wooden knife holders.
  • There are grooves at the bottom, so that two boards put together will be more solid and will not shake.


Save workbench space

  • The acacia wood texture is hard and the moisture content is low, it will not deform due to wet and cold weather, and it has strong stability.
  • YOUSUNLONG’s Magnetic Knives Block Holder can hold up 3~10 inch kitchen knives.
  • It can hold up more knives without issue, freeing up your kitchen counter space.

Japanese Damascus Steel Blade

  • This professional kitchen knife 5-piece set is made of high quality Japanese high carbon steel VG10 Damascus steel.
  • Using traditional manual cutting technology, V-shaped sharpening technology, 15-degree cutting angle on each side, the blade can obtain long-lasting edge retention, which is strong and durable.
  • The sharpness is excellent, even if it is frequently used daily, it can maintain the sharp edge like a razor for a long time.

100% Natural Ebony Handle

  • The ergonomically designed handle conforms to the natural curves of your hand while providing additional support in key compression areas.
  • The handle with palm expansion in the middle provides an easier and more comfortable grip even when using the knife for extended periods of time. It allows your hand to turn naturally while cutting.
  • The advantages of ebony are its strong resistance to decay, high hardness, fine feel, and unique grain.

Additional information

Weight5539 g
Dimensions38.5 × 34 × 12 cm


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