Chef Knife 7 Inch


  • 【Extremely sharp knife】When supplying meat such as large pork, lamb or beef, a slaughter meat industrial processing knife is the most suitable tool for this job because it allows you to effortlessly cut through large meat or evenly sized slices.
  • 【Excellent performance】The high quality high carbon molybdenum steel blade has good stainless steel performance and keeps the v-edge 16°angle of the knife edge, ensuring its super sharpness and excellent flexibility.The knife can freely and flexibly travel through the meat, and to a greater extent can help penetrate tough cartilage, break down beef, and even trim meat fat with ease.
  • 【Non-slip grip design】The ergonomically designed handle is made of Santoprene with an anti-slip grip, which fits the natural curve of your hand, while it determines the maneuverability, control and comfort of the knife. Even when using it with wet hands, you can control it very well.
  • 【The right knife type for you】 Every day in the slaughterhouse each knife will operate a considerable amount of cutting, choose a sharp, comfortable slaughter knife, both to make meat division more accurate and beautiful, but also to make you work more easily and labor-saving.
  • 【YOUSUNLONG experience】 We use high quality high carbon molybdenum steel blades and Santoprene handles, and YOUSUNLONG’s deluxe packaging protects the blades from being shipped intact, just to ensure that our slaughter series of industrialized processing knives will meet your expectations. the YOUSUNLONG team has worked hard for over 15 years to become a trusted partner for chefs around the world.


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Delicate Blade makes Delicacy

With a legacy spanning over two decades, YOUSUNLONG stands as a distinguished name in the realm of knife craftsmanship. As a Professional manufacturer, we have meticulously crafted kitchen knives and Professional knives, demonstrating intricate artistry and an unwavering commitment to innovation. Our journey is marked by breaking the barriers of design and process limitations, driven by the mantra “Delicate Blade makes Delicacy.”

Product Description

A good meat splitting technician or professional butcher knife hand, in addition to mastering the structure of meat, meat form, but also to know each kind of meat knife way, each kind of meat each part needs corresponding slaughter knife to deal with, in order to maximize the protection of meat and improve efficiency.

Slaughter knife is the general name of the meat stall and meat processing industry professional knife, high-quality slaughter knife must be very sharp, durable, but also need to have a good flexibility, and most importantly, must ensure the safety of the user.


Most popular meat processing knives


  • The special Butcher Chef Knife has a relatively flexibility blade with a sharp edge and is approximately 18 cm long.
  • Easily separates the fur from the meat without damaging the meat. The knife is curved at the head and uplifted, allowing for high rotation work during operation to ensure the meat is intact.
  • It can be used for cutting or dividing meat, and is the most basic equipment for slaughterhouses and meat stalls.

Flexible and high quality blades

  • The blade is molybdenum carbon steel, which has a very good sharpness, with molybdenum added for better rust resistance and toughness.
  • For large meat cutting jobs in the slaughterhouse, it can still glide through steaks like butter, as well as trim a variety of meats effortlessly.

Satisfactory ergonomic design

  • The ergonomic, non-slip grip fits the contours of the hand perfectly, and this design provides unparalleled strength, which gives it more balance and a comfortable grip.
  • The Santoprene Handle provides a non-slip grip that feels comfortable in the hand and offers plenty of knuckle clearance, while the steel handle can become slippery when handled with wet hands.


Incredible Flexibility

    • A surprisingly flexible blade, and it can move freely and nimbly through meat, helping to penetrate tough cartilage, break down beef, and even trim meat fat with ease to a greater extent.
    • The blade has an ultra-sharp 16 degree edge to ensure maximum cutting results with minimal effort.

Additional information

Weight120 g
Dimensions38.61 × 8.61 × 4.19 cm


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