Sujihiki Knife 13 Inch


  • 【Lightweight flexibility】A high-quality slicing knife must have a strong cutting ability, the blade is both beautiful and sharp, and a set of smooth movements can complete accurate cutting. The shape of the blade is very suitable for cutting roasts and steaks. You can also effortlessly cut into oversized pork shoulder, ribs, beef, salmon and tuna. This is an indispensable knife for professional chefs.
  • 【High quality and sharpness】A high-quality chef’s special cutting knife made of Japanese 67-layer forged high-carbon steel core Damascus steel, HRC (hardness) 58-60, it has high hardness and wear resistance. The sharp blades on both sides (no more than 15° on each side) are hand-polished by traditional craftsmen, so the blade is very sharp and can be accurately cut, even sliced, diced, and deboned, which is more convenient to use.
  • 【Anti-sticking and anti-corrosion】 The concavo-convex pattern of the pure manual hammering blade has a super anti-sticking effect, which can quickly improve the efficiency during the cutting process to ensure the freshness of the ingredients and prevent the taste of the ingredients from being damaged. Compared with a flat blade, it is not only more beautiful, but also has increased resistance to rust and corrosion.
  • 【Comfortable】The handle 430 has a double elbow integrated die-casting design, which improves the comfort and slip resistance of the grip. The outer layer is made of ergonomic natural ebony wood. The overall feel is very light and easy to clean. The blade protection is equipped with a leather knife cover, so professional chefs can take it with them when they go out to work. Leather not only prevents the blade from hurting people, but also protects the integrity of the blade.
  • 【Perfect gift】Damascus kitchen knife is not only sharp, but also the decoration is world-class, suitable for professional chefs, or real butchers, chefs to buy and use. A great gift for cooking interesting dishes and enjoying gourmet food. This is a beautifully packaged gift box, suitable for various occasions and collections.


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Professional manufacturer of kitchen knives

YOUSUNLONG has been a OEM manufacturer of kitchen knives to Deutsche and United States for more than 15 years.Since YOUSUNLONG registered brand “順”,We are committed to providing users kitchen knives with elaborate craftsmanship and continuous pursuit of innovation in order to break the design and process constraints.

If you use our Kitchen knives you will like cooking and are willing to make delicious food to share with family and friends,our knives have become the choice of professional chef’s and home chef’s.

You need a sashimi knife because the sashimi must be cut to the end and not too short.

We have specially designed salmon knives of 12‘’ 13‘’ 15‘’ 17‘’different sizes for cutting large pieces of tuna and salmon.

When cutting raw fish, it is necessary to cut it one at a time, one slice at a time, and never drag it.

This is because the moisture of the raw fish will flow away in seconds after it is cut out.

As long as the knife is sharp enough, the faster it can be cut, the more nutritious water can stay.

For sashimi,”one size fits all” is required.

Use an extra-long knife to cut from near the back of the blade and pull back for a very smooth and neat cut.

However, using ordinary short diced dicing has to rely on force to press down and cut, and the incision is rough and dull.

On the premise that the blade is long enough, it can be cut across the board. This method without sawing back and forth can make the cut surface of the cell wall smoother, so as to obtain an oily and glossy visual sense.

Double-sided concave-convex design

  • Accurate heat treatment,increased strength,flexibility and hardness.
  • Double-sided concave-convex design, the blade does not stick to the food, and the freshness of the food is improved.

Comes with leather protective cover

  • A leather case made of high-quality premium cowhide, with the word “顺”.
  • It not only allows you to carry it conveniently at work, but also protects the blade at any time.
  • It is safe and beautiful, and easy to store.
  • Snap-on leather is safer.

The comfort in the hand is amazing

  • The ergonomically designed handle conforms to the natural curves of your hand while providing additional support in key compression areas.
  • The handle with palm expansion in the middle provides an easier and more comfortable grip even when using the knife for extended periods of time. It allows your hand to turn naturally while cutting.

Hopes to be a little helper in your work.

  • Use a clip to clip the fishbone along the direction of the fishbone.
  • The stainless steel deodorant soap can effectively and quickly remove the fishy smell, garlic smell and other odors on your hands.

Additional information

Weight1000 g
Dimensions47 × 3.7 × 4 cm


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